About The Firm

Merritt Watson LLP specializes in business, tax and estate planning for domestic and international clients.  The focal point of our practice is providing counsel to our clients on the best way to structure, operate and protect their business and investment activities during their lifetimes and to preserve wealth from one generation to the next.  Minimizing federal and state tax liabilities that can arise from various economic activities is a dominant objective in all of our recommendations.  Because of the diverse needs of our continually expanding client base, we also provide professional services in the areas of commercial real estate, business dispute resolution, and employee benefits.

Merritt Watson LLP takes great pride in its philosophy of being “creative and results-oriented” in its approach to sophisticated business, tax and estate planning transactions.  We strive to offer more than just reactive legal services by applying the law in a constructive, creative manner to “tailor” a plan designed to match our clients’ objectives and needs.

We also understand and are sensitive to three basic tenets of quality legal service.  First is the cost/benefit economic relationship: our clients need to be able to perceive and maximize their return from their investment in legal fees.  Second is the timeliness of work performed and our accessibility to our clients.  Third is the personal attention we provide to our clients.  Our size, experience and personnel enable us to consistently meet each of these three requirements.

The firm was established in 1980 and has over the course of its existence been comprised of “seasoned” attorneys with significant prior experience before joining the firm.  Our professional staff has multi-faceted educations, professional, and business backgrounds. Most have advanced law degrees and have worked in the private sector.  The diversity and breadth of their experience is a key element in our approach to practicing law.